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Pseudo-Cereal mediation (Europe)

Thanks to our network of contacts in Italy and in Europe, we can put in contact the supply and demand of pseudo-cereals and other agricultural products, making the supply easier and more reliable. The products we deal with most are Quinoa, Teff and Amaranth, but we are also dedicated to the smaller crops (such as spelt) and legumes. Since 2023 we have launched the page “the market of pseudocereals”, which purpose is to facilitate the trade of pseudocereals, legumes, oilseeds and minor cereals. The goal is to satisfy market needs both of farms and processing companies of any size, bringing together supply and demand. To publish an advertisement, simply fill in and send the form directly online. The advertisements will be published on our page after the appropriate checks.

Technical support to agricultural companies

Tuttoquinoa can offer its customers timely and precise support in all stages of cultivation, from the choice of seed and soil to sowing and harvesting. Thanks to supply chain agreements, as regards Quinoa, we can propose contracts for the marketing of the crop. However, for other pseudo-cereals we offer sales opportunities through our network of contacts.

Development of projects in the agricultural field

Tuttoquinoa, thanks also to the collaboration with other partners, supports companies in the realisation of entrepreneurial projects in the agricultural sector (pseudo-cereals or other agricultural products). Our field of action ranges from the drafting of the business plan to support in the search of resources up to the implementation and operational and logistical support.